Five Top tips for Bridal Makeup

Five Top tips for Bridal Makeup

Five Top tips for Bridal Makeup

1. Beware of high SPF foundations/skincare 
Have you ever noticed when you have a photo taken your skin looks slightly paler? Some foundations with high spfs have an ingredient in them called Titanium Dioxide. This ingredient *which is especially high in Dior foundations* will react to the flash of a camera and pale you out.
Just be aware of this when you are having your trial. I use a lot of SPF 15 foundations and have found there is no problems with these. This has come from many trials. You need to try out the makeup before the day and be sure to take a photo with a camera to see how it all looks.

2. Do your eye makeup first
Often my clients find it odd when I prep their skin and then go straight into their eye makeup. But it makes perfect sense! If you do the skin first, then eyes, you lean all over the face while applying the eyeshadow. Same goes for brides doing their own make up ~ by the time you have finished the look your blusher which was so carefully applied is all over your palm.
Prep cleansed skin and then goes straight into brows and eyes. Then you can just wipe away any eyeshadow “fall out” with a small fluffy brush or a cotton pad with some remover on without affecting your base. It’s much easier this way!

3. Use a primer under your foundation
Most decent makeup brands will have a primer in their makeup range. A primer will help to smooth out your skin, tone down un-even patches and redness and most importantly, it will make the foundation or makeup you put on last all day. Most primers have a silica base to them which means they soften and smooth the surface of the skin, allowing foundation and makeup to sit on top without looking like it’s settling in your pores.
It’s also worth mentioning that you need a separate eyeshadow primer. You can find some amazing ones on the market.  My favourite colours for bridal makeup are groundwork, bare study and painterly.

4. Apply your concealer after your foundation 
Most people/clients I know tend to do their concealer before foundation. But think about it, once you have applied the corrective product under the eye or on any problem areas, then you go over with either (hopefully) a brush or (more commonly) your hands, you wipe away all your concealing work! Do the skin first then use a small blending brush to apply the concealer where needed. You can use your finger to “tap” the product in to blend it and this way your coverage is going to last and look more professional.  

5. Don’t Over Powder
Stick to either translucent powders or very natural powders. Powder can dull the skin and look very cakey. Apply with a large fluffy brush and “press” the product on as opposed to wiping it on in big circular motions. Also only powder where it is needed – if you want a “smooth” makeup, just apply powder to the T-Zone (forehead nose and chin). The powder does set the makeup but you don’t want to take away all the nice work of the foundation! Texture in skin is normal. It’s nice to see parts of the skin with a glow and other parts matte.
For more oily skin types, still only powder where necessary and if you have excessively oily skin use the appropriate prep products to control this – look out for these products is specifically oil absorbing and oil free – perfect for someone who finds that halfway through the day the oil is showing through.

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