Covering dark circles with makeup

Covering dark circles with makeup

Cover your dark circles with a perfectly toned concealers along with a basic application of Foundation and Brightening highlighter. It will instantly add a charm to the beauty of your eyes.

Dark circles, we've all had them at some point, and we have all tried to cover them up. Concealer works, but sometimes that unslightly greenish/blue hue is still visible despite our best efforts. Like a lot of women has tried to figure out the best way to cover up her dark circles. And recently, she stumbled upon a not-so-new yet Stylz salon that promises to even out the skin color under your eyes. Tips are mentioned and discussed below by stylz salon:-

Wash your face using a gentle cleanser and cold water:- :- Even splashing your face with cold water as a final step can help. This decreases blood flow in your face, and helps reduce puffiness, which can minimize the look of dark circles.

Apply a moisturizer:- Apply a facial moisturizer over your whole face, and then dab an eye cream or moisturizer into the crease under your eye, avoiding your lids. This will help the makeup apply more evenly. If your skin is easily irritated, use a special eye moisturizer rather than a face moisturizer. Don't worry — it's a myth that rubbing your eyes will cause wrinkles, unless it becomes a constant habit.

Use a primer for even skin and long-lasting makeup: - Primer can be used under foundation or by itself. It will smooth out your skin tone and keep your makeup in place longer. Use your fingers, an applicator, or a makeup brush to apply the primer onto your entire face the same way you would foundation. You can find a primer that's formulated for your skin tone: If you have dry skin, you may opt for a moisturizing primer. People with dull skin may prefer an illuminating primer. For oily skin, try a mattifying primer. You can also find color correcting primers for skin issues like redness. For example, you can find a green-tinted primer to neutralize redness.

Put on foundation: As always, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and skin type. Don't go overboard; this is a base for the concealer, not a product that will cover the circles on its own.[3] Applying foundation first allows you to use less concealer, making a natural look easier to achieve. Powder foundations tend to be easier to control, allowing you to target the dark areas more accurately.

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