Get serene and soulful experience of pedicure with Stylz salon best salon in Lucknow

Get serene and soulful experience of pedicure with Stylz salon best salon in Lucknow

It has been found in the studies that whenever people want to relax then they love to go for leg massage. The feel relaxation you get from the legs after keeping them clean it is incredible. Stylz salon is providing you may pedicure service by which you will feel fully relaxed and refreshed. A pedicure service provided by stylz salon, not only makes you healthy and stress free even it is good for hygiene purpose. Pedicure is the most cost effective foot care service provided by Stylz salon. Pedicures make your feet beautiful even it very serene experience to get relaxed for awhile. You can also say that pedicure is a form of beauty treatment and foot care in which you get feet, toes and nails cleaning are included. Stylz is the best salon that has so many trained and experienced and professional makeup artist and they are very much famous for their pedicure and beauty service in Lucknow. In this blog Stylz brings you some types of pedicure treatment and their advantages after getting pedicure service by Stylz salon.

Types of pedicure:-

Likewise pedicure is not necessary done at some lavish salon you can also do the pedicure by yourself or with help of your friend or family member, but visiting a salon for pedicure service is much advisable because you get everything which can provide you great pedicure and the beauty experts know that how they can provide you some sort of relaxation during providing you pedicure service. There are few types of pedicure enlisted and discussed below:-

1. Regular pedicure: - This is the common pedicure service provided by every beauty salon. In this service expert cleans your feet with help of foot scrub. Shaping clipping and cleaning nails are the included service in regular pedicure service. Stylz salon also provides foot massage, nail polish and cuticles pushing service with Regular pedicure service. This service is very popular and very much used by those who often visit Stylz and love to maintain the hygiene of their body.

2. French pedicure: - The French pedicure is very much similar pedicure to regular pedicure but it is very much popular amongst women because in this pedicure service women gets some extra work on nail they can choose different styles of nail polish. In this process beauty experts apply a base coat on the nails which appears in solid white color. French pedicure is running from long time and stylz salon has made their customers happy by providing this old service to every women.

3. Gel pedicure: - If you love to see your feet always look refreshed and beautiful the gel pedicure is best pedicure service for you. The specialty of the gel applied on foot is that it protects your foot from ultra UV rays and your feet stay refreshed for long time. The nail polish you get same, the standard nail polish as you gets in regular pedicure service. A gel pedicure can maintain your feet at least for a week and it is low maintenance and cost effective service provide by stylz salon.

4. Paraffin pedicure: - The paraffin pedicure is kind of foot care treatment for those who have cracked and dry feet. This pedicure softens the skin of your feet. In this pedicure treatment your feet are poured into paraffin wax, it helps to soften the feet’s skin and the wax also moisturizes the skin. Paraffin wax contains alkaline wax which is fill with hydrated properties.

5. Hot stone Pedicure: - A hot stone pedicure is very relaxing foot care treatment. In this pedicure treatment, a body polish is used for this pedicure. Beauty experts use a body polish on the leg and feet, after applying the body polish they cover the legs with a warm towel. After few minutes they wash the leg and rinse the polish from the leg and then they massage your legs with help of stones. The stones are pressed on the pressure points which provide you ultimate relaxing experience.

6. Fish pedicure: - Fish pedicure is a very fascinating method provide foot care to the customers. In this method beauty exports pour the customer’s leg into the water which has many fishes. The fishes swarm the leg and they eat all the dirt and dead skin of your leg. This pedicure service makes your feet absolutely clean. Those who have sensitive foot skin they are not appropriate for this kind of pedicure service.

Advantage of pedicure service by stylz salon

Pedicure service provides you so many healthy advantages. Few of them are discussed below:- • Relief: - In the hectic schedule of daily life when you need to make balance between home and your office you only need a moment to relax a person to pamper you. So the first advantage of the pedicure service is that this service provides you a soft feeling of relief and beauty experts who pamper your leg with massage and keep your feet’s skin healthy and happy.

• Stay away with anxiety and depression: - A massage to your leg and cleansing your ;leg provides you a lot relief and that relief removes stress from your mind. Pedicure is small thing, but this small service prevents your body from tension and keeps your mind calm for a day.

• Heal your crack feet: - Pedicure service is very helpful for those who have crack feet. Pedicure prevents the feet from cracking and if you have cracked feet then after few sessions of pedicure your feet appears smooth as they were before. You lose your all pain due to crack feet. And it also seems embarrassing when everyone sees your crack feet. So pedicure is the best treatment for those who have cracked feet.

• Soft feet skin: - After pedicure you get soft and glowing skin. Pedicure also provides moisturization to the feet and it is very helpful to prevent your feet from getting dry after some time.