Get the galvanizing beauty with Stylz salon number one salon in Lucknow

Get the galvanizing beauty with Stylz salon number one salon in Lucknow

For every girl make up is the most important factor to modify her appearance at front of others. Your makeup also varies extensively according to the events. Stylz salons understand that in a corporate event you cannot dressed and appear like you have came in wedding because both event are the pole apart. You will get team of best makeup artist in Lucknow only in Stylz salon. We serve you best and we know well that what looks are required in the event you are going to appear. We provide you so many services regarding your beauty and health care. You can also call our makeup artist at your doorstep. We always try to provide you desired look as you thought before entering in our salon. We understand your concern about your beauty so we are providing you few tips and tricks to putting on makeup in correct ways. Tips for daily makeup by stylz salon

Tips for applying Foundation:-

Correct use of primer and Foundation: - If it is water or oil, primer and foundation should have the same base if they will repel each other then it will be difficult to blend them.

Avoid Peach Fuzz: - Always apply foundation using downward strokes. Most of us have a thin layer of hair on our face, and applying foundation in an upward stroke will make the hair strands stand out. Looking fresh and pink like a peach may be your goal, but highlighting your peach fuzz definitely shouldn’t be.

Tips for applying concealer

Create A Conical Shape: - Most of us are used to applying concealer in a semi-circular pattern under our eyes to reduce the appearance of the bags or puffiness. However, for best results, apply the concealer in a conical pattern under the eyes and extend it to almost where your nose ends. It not only does a better job at concealing because it is easy to blend, but it also helps in contouring the sides of your nose.

DIY Color Correcting Palette: - You probably, by now, have heard about the wonder called color correcting palette. These concealers of various hues are used to cancel out flaws on your face. For example, a green concealer is used for canceling out any redness, lavender for yellow toned discoloration, peach for bruises or blue toned under eye circles, etc. But if you suddenly find yourself without your color correction palette or just want to save money, just mix an eyeshadow of the color you want your concealer to be with your normal concealer and voila! You have your smart and cheap color corrector concealer palette.

Know The Important Focal Points:- This hack is for those days when you are running late or just feeling too lazy to apply your concealer properly. Just dab on a little concealer, preferably with a brush, under your eyes, on the corners of your mouth, and near your nose, and you are good to go.