Perfect Stroke for Perfect Look

Perfect Stroke for Perfect Look

When applying polish, do one stroke straight up the middle, then one stroke up each side to cover the entire nail.

Nails for women are very interesting thing to decorate. There are so mny women and young girl who are very much fascinated for nail paints and nail arts, Stylz salons is providing you few tips regarding applying nail paint on your nails. Tips are discussed below:-

Three strokes nail paint:- If you are going to apply nail paint, the best thing is to apply three strokes of the polish on your nails with brush. You will have to dip the brush into the bottle and get a decent-sized bead of polish at the edge of your brush. You want the polish to do the majority of the work and spread out as it's placed on the nail — the brush is there to just guide the dot of polish into place. Starting at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right, and then down the center.

Always apply base coat:- It is possible that, it takes your extra time, but it gives the colored polish something to adhere to, making your manicure last a couple of extra days longer, and it also prevents staining on your nails from pigmented paint.

Repurpose your old lip brush to help tidy up the edges of your nail: - We've all colored outside of the lines, but when you do it with nail polish. You want to be precise in your clean-up technique. We suggest dipping an old lip brush into nail polish remover and swiping it around your nail bed to clean up the edges.

Find the right white. White nail polish couldn't be cooler than it is right now — it's a super-mod, must-wear shade. But when you're choosing a bottle, you want to make sure the formula is thick and creamy, so that it doesn't go on too sheer or streaky. To make sure it's opaque, takes the brush and wipes it against the inside of the top of the bottle; if the polish is sheer against the inside of the bottle, it's not pigmented enough. Stay away from quick-dry nail polish. It's typically dehydrating and can dry out your nails.

Swipe on cuticle oil: - The beast way to show that you've just stepped out from the salon is, to use cuticle oil on your nails. It instantly hydrates them. Then, apply it over your entire nail after you've painted your nails — if you accidentally hit them against something.