Top 10 Beauty Tips

Top 10 beauty tipss

1.) Washing and Cleansing
First step is go search for a suitable cleanser that skin is comfortable with you can use a deep pore cleansing lotion if you have dry skin , wash your skin if it is acne prone or more suited to acne in comparison , to what other methods feel that is to be applied . Its important to remove signs of grime , dirt and pollution as required . There issome precaution also, skin has somenatural oils which need to be not washed off as they will do a great job in appearance of skin .

2.) Desquamate
It is important step in the process but due to lack of knowledge and trainnng many women and girls are not interested in , it is important in particular and follows the part that are to be applied in between and function so to be made and followed . In general removal of very light layer of skin , as men do it while shaving , many don’t know this but they do daily . It is important in particular . Make a scruber of face and body , take a damp cloth sprinkle a lithe refined sugar and apply in circular motion

3.) Emollient
Skin has its own built in mechanism , which tells about what is the level of moisture in skin , when skin feels like tight then it needs some moisture. You can use extra virgin olive oil , coconut oil , jojoba oil as an overall body moisturizers . Dryer skin need a little care , as their natural shine is less because of oil levels which arer less , in this some productrs lkike rose water , dabur gulabbari etc . They can help in making skin to the level of recorded fitness and desired shine could be available .

4.) Rolfing
Oldest beauty tips in the world is rolfing , it was in every worldcivilisation from and still world uses to a great extent , it soothes body , freshens mind anda great energizer , as far as concerned. It keeps wrinkles and other sign of ageing at bay far far away. It increase beauty and vigour , most importantly the complexion is changed day by day . massaging with natural products lie milk , honey , makes skin health and complexion drastically .

5.) Apply sunscreram
Major cause of unevevn skin is exposure to sun, heat of sun drastically distorts certain things in skin, there is a tricky solution to this problem keep to moisturizers and use these in night as well. But avoid using moisturize in night as it do nno good to user .

6.) No appropriateness to chemical products
Don’t use highly chemical induced products . Before going for extensive products see for what is their chemical level. If they are highly induced in chemical level they are harmful to skin’s natural formation , skin formuation can also be very well prepared at home. By using natural products that are easily available at home cucumbers make a very healthy and cool stuff for this part of work , gourd pulp is also very useful in making a healthy facepack .

7.) Natural face mask
Some natural facemasks can be used which are used to enhance the level of skin that are to be used in particular to make skin very good lookin and exotic, ways are as use a banana it is a healthy fruit but has some magical qualities make a mash out of it , its goodness has good thing in it , sweeten it with a light things of honey , add a little more then apply it slowly on face it will then make skin like new and proper . Kiwi can also be used in because it is a very good and light fruit it has good enzymes favourable for skin . Virgin olive oil is all time companion it works on many types of skin.

8.) Eat healthy
Burgers , pizzas , muffins , cold coffee , ramen noodles are very tasty , indeed they are , they give a very good time to pass . But they are poison for body as their high calorie intake doesnot provide nourishment to skin. Frehfood is the most healthy option, body loves it and skin loves it , so always go for fresh fruits , banana, ginger ,watermelons , cherries , and a little bt of chocolate canalso do no harm . Home made food is the best option in this , it always clicks , the necessary nutrition is provided by this so it wil be useful in long run . Hence skin wil enjoy its part follows in .

9.) Stay hydrated
Very simple but very important, water is life, no body can do without water, the content of water level in body must be maintained . Water is necessary for glow in skin too as skin contains large amount of water based nutrients , it moisture comes from water, hence juicy fruits like watermelon, etc are to be used so that they could maintain the appropriate water level in system (body) andmake person lively.

10.) Exercise
A daily regimen of exercise , is a necessary thing to keep body in shapeand good fit, no issue in nt doing exercise as it will definetly going to be done in and achieve astounding results amny people who have en in regular exercise routines ahave been very young looking in even old age, why , what is then reason , exercise is the reason, why this happens in all and final. So in the long run with a healthy body is done a healty skin .

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